Mastering Local SEO: A Comprehensive Guide for Apartment Rental Agencies

Successful Strategies for Navigating the Digital Real Estate Market

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Why is SEO Essential for Apartment Rental Agencies?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a powerful tool that can significantly boost your online visibility and leads in the rental industry. A robust SEO strategy can improve your website’s rankings on search engines like Google, leading to increased traffic and, ultimately, more client bookings. For Apartment Rental Agencies, SEO is not just about achieving top-ranking positions. It's about attracting potential tenants, generating high-quality leads, and developing a strong online reputation. Through local SEO, for instance, you can target customers in specific geographical locations, helping you reach the neighbors who are most likely to turn into renters. Furthermore, SEO can help strengthen your online presence, boosting not only search engine ranking but also building a credible brand reputation. This will set you against competitors, thus increasing your potential for gaining more local customers.

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Table of contents

Building a Strong SEO and Digital Marketing Foundation

Learn how to establish a solid groundwork for your SEO and digital marketing efforts, ensuring a strong online presence for your apartment rental agency.

Mastering Google Business Listings

Discover how to optimise your Google Business listings to make your apartment rental agency more visible to prospective tenants.

Cultivating Reviews and Managing Reputation

Understand the importance of accumulating positive reviews and managing your online reputation to attract and retain clients.

Crafting a Winning Content Strategy

Delve into strategic content planning and creation to keep your audience engaged, informed, and primed for conversion.

Strategising Website SEO

Explore the best practices to optimise your website for search engines, enhance user experience, and increase your search rankings.

Building Potent Backlinks

Investigate the art of building powerful backlinks to increase your site's authority, improve organic rankings, and drive more traffic to your apartment rental agency website.

Building a Strong SEO and Digital Marketing Foundation

In the digital world we live in, establishing a strong online presence is pivotal for apartment rental agency businesses to thrive. Customers often rely on online search when looking for apartments, and having a significant digital presence will place you at the forefront of their choices. With smart digital strategies, your business can attract more tenants, boost your reputation and enjoy sustained growth.

  • Leverage online platforms to showcase your apartment listings to a wider audience.
  • Implement powerful SEO strategies to maximize your visibility on search engines.
  • Engage with your online audience using effective content marketing and social media strategies.

Maximizing Organic Visibility with SEO

Search engines are the primary method modern customers use to find and compare apartment rental agencies. Your position in search engine results directly influences the visibility of your agency and the number of leads you can generate. Implementing effective SEO strategies, like keyword optimization and creating high-quality content, can help your agency rank higher and attract more potential tenants.

  • Use relevant keywords in your website content to improve search engine ranking.
  • Regularly update your website with fresh, high-quality content to keep the audience engaged.
  • Leverage online platforms to showcase your apartment listings to a wider audience.

Social Media Engagement for Apartment Rental Agencies

Social media is a valuable tool for apartment rental agencies to connect with potential tenants and showcase their properties. By leveraging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, agencies can share property images, run promotions, and engage with members of the community. This not only increases visibility but also builds trust with potential tenants.

  • Create engaging content for social media to encourage shares and comments.
  • Use social media platforms to advertise open houses and property viewings.
  • Interact with your audience regularly to build trust and establish a strong online reputation.

Building Online Visibility for Your Apartment Rental Agency

In the age of the digital marketplace, establishing a robust online presence is crucial for the success of your apartment rental agency. It enables potential renters to easily locate your agency, understand the services you offer, and even book a rental directly over the web. By leveraging a variety of digital marketing strategies, including search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and social media, you can significantly boost your agency's visibility, increase inbound traffic, and ultimately drive more conversions.

For apartment rental agencies, this strategy should include optimizing your website for relevant search terms, building high-quality backlinks, and creating engaging, keyword-rich content that educates and appeals to prospective renters. Further, establishing a strong social media presence across multiple platforms provides an additional avenue to reach and engage with your target audience.

Embracing SEO Strategies for Apartment Rental Agencies

Optimizing your apartment rental agency website for search engines is paramount for catching the attention of potential tenants. SEO strategies like keyword targeting, meta description optimization, and content marketing can help improve your site's search engine ranking, making it easier for prospective renters to find you in the crowded digital landscape.

Conduct thorough keyword research to discover what terms and phrases potential renters are using to find services similar to yours. Use these keywords in your website's content, meta tags, and URLs. Additionally, develop a blog or resources section on your site to publish keyword-enriched articles, guides, or news, providing additional value to your audience and boosting your SEO strength.

Along with on-page SEO strategies, focus heavily on building high-quality, relevant backlinks to your website. This not only boosts your search engine rankings but also drives more traffic to your site from other trusted sources.

Leveraging Social Media for Apartment Rental Agencies

Social media is an indispensable tool in your digital presence arsenal, providing a platform to reach potential renters, communicate with existing tenants, and visually showcase your available properties. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter can be leveraged to engage with your audience and promote your apartment listings.

Post regularly on your social media accounts, highlighting different apartment options, amenities, and community features. Engage with your audience by responding to comments and messages promptly, fostering a sense of community, and improving brand loyalty.

Consider running targeted advertising campaigns to reach a wider audience. Most social platforms offer robust targeting tools that let you reach people who are likely to be interested in your rentals based on their demographics, interests, and online behaviour.

Regularly assess your social media performance. Use the analytics tools provided by each platform to track likes, shares, comments, and followers. This helps identify what content resonates with your audience and inform future strategy. Remember, effective social media management can have a sizeable impact on your apartment rental agency's online visibility.

Mastering Google Business Listings

In the world of apartment rentals, establishing a strong online presence can make a huge difference. It's not just about having a website or social media profiles; it's about maximizing all digital platforms to increase visibility and reach potential tenants. One of the most effective ways an apartment rental agency can boost their digital footprint is by mastering their Google My Business (GMB) listing. This listing, if managed correctly, can drive increase local demand and boost your agency’s online credibility.

  • Make sure all the necessary information is accurate and updated regularly; this includes the business name, address, contact information, and hours of operation.
  • Use high-quality photos to give potential tenants a clear idea of what to expect from the apartments you offer.
  • Encourage tenants to leave reviews and respond to them properly, as this helps in enhancing online reputation.

Optimizing Your GMB Listing with Accurate Detailed Information

Ensuring your Google My Business listing has accurate and up-to-date information is key for apartment rentals. It not only helps in improving the ranking on Google Maps and Google Search but also gives potential tenants the needed reassurance about your agency’s legitimacy.

  • Verifying your listing increases your listing's credibility and can influence your position in local search results.
  • Regularly checking and updating working hours, location, and contact information is essential to maintain your agency's reputation.
  • Showcase all amenities provided by your agency. This helps potential tenants to know what your agency offers and understand your unique selling points.

Using Visuals to Enhance Your GMB Listing

In apartment rentals, high-quality images can sway a potential tenant's decision. By posting professional images regularly, you can provide tenants with a virtual tour before actual visitation. This draws attention and builds trust with potential renters browsing online.

  • Pictures of the rooms, interiors, exteriors, common areas, and amenities can effectively showcase your apartments' quality.
  • Regularly updating photos keeps your listing fresh and engaging and may attract potential tenants.
  • Using Virtual Tours allows potential tenants a 360-degree view of your properties, enhancing the feeling of physical presence.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Google My Business for Apartment Rental Agencies

In a rapidly digitalizing world, it's crucial for apartment rental agencies to keep up with the dynamic sphere of online marketing. To stand out in local searches, your Google My Business (GMB) listing deserves focused attention. A well-managed GMB listing can significantly boost your online visibility, draw potential renters, and place your agency in the spotlight.

Understanding the operations of GMB can give your apartment rental agency a cutting edge over competitors. Besides creating and verifying your listing, optimizing it, responding to reviews, and being active contributes significantly to your local SEO strategy.

Optimizing Your Apartment Rental Agency's GMB Listing

The first step towards capitalizing on GMB is ensuring your listing is claim verified and fully optimized. Verify your business's information; ensure your name, address, and phone number (NAP); operating hours, and business category are accurate and consistent across all platforms.

Post quality photos of your rental apartments and update them regularly. Photos play a vital role in creating the first impression of your business to prospective renters. Also, actively manage and respond to customer reviews; positive feedback significantly influences customer decisions.

Integrating GMB with other Google services such as Google Maps can boost your apartment rental agency's visibility and make it easy for potential renters to find your location.

Monitoring GMB Performance for Apartment Rental Agencies

After optimizing your GMB listing, it's critical to monitor its performance. With Google's extensive set of analytical tools, you can track significant metrics such as view count, clicks, calls, and direction requests.

Keep an eye on the Insights area of your GMB dashboard. It provides valuable information about how customers find your listing, their actions, and how your photos perform compared to other listings in your category.

Analytics also offers clues on areas that need improvement. If customers visualize your listing after direct searches, it suggests that your brand visibility is high. If the majority come from discovery searches, it means your SEO campaign is achieving results.

By mastering your Google My Business listing, your apartment rental agency can better position itself in local searches, thereby attracting more customers and increasing its bottom line.

Cultivating Reviews and Managing Reputation

Here, we understand the crucial role that reputation management and review generation play in the success of apartment rental agencies. In the cut-throat world of property rentals, having a stellar reputation and positive reviews can be the difference between attracting new tenants and vacancies. Through this guide, we aim to provide apartment rental agencies with best practices and strategies to manage their online reputation and generate positive reviews.

  • Understand the importance of online reputation for apartment rental agencies.
  • Discover how to effectively manage your online reputation.
  • Learn how to generate positive reviews on popular platforms.

Conquering the Power of Online Reputation for Apartment Agencies

In the digital age, the majority of potential tenants research online before deciding on an apartment to rent. Your apartment agency's online reputation is hence like your storefront window, influencing how potential tenants perceive your brand. Understanding how to shape this perception can make a huge difference in the success of your agency.

  • Improve your overall online presence with regular and updated content.
  • Manage negative reviews promptly and professionally to showcase excellent customer service.
  • Understand the importance of online reputation for apartment rental agencies.

Mastering Review Generation for your Apartment Rental Agency

Reviews hold a tremendous impact on consumer decisions. Particularly in apartment rentals where word-of-mouth and personal experience are significant influence factors, positive reviews can be instrumental in attracting new tenants. Mastering the art of review generation can ultimately lead to increased bookings and higher occupancy rates.

  • Encourage tenants to leave reviews after their stay.
  • Respond to reviews with thanks or actions steps to show that you value customers feedback.
  • Promote your top reviews in marketing campaigns to demonstrate your commitment to tenant satisfaction.

Enhance your Rental Agency's Reputation with Effective Management and Review Generation Techniques

As a flourishing apartment rental agency, managing your reputation online is crucial to attract new tenants and retain the existing ones. By effectively managing your business's reputation, you can create a trusted brand that tenants love and recommend. Leveraging reviews, both positive and negative, invites credibility and trust into your agency.

Positive reviews work wonders for your business, showcasing the experiences of satisfied residents and thus encouraging potential tenants to choose your apartments. Active request for and response to reviews reflect your agency's customer-centric approach, enhancing the likeliness of both client acquisition and retention.

Ingredients for Successful Reputation Management for Apartment Rental Agencies

Reputation management begins with consistent monitoring. Observing triggering points in your agency's customer journey can help manage your online reputation effectively. This also includes smart handling of negative reviews - addressing them promptly and professionally boosts your agency's image and shows commitment towards customer satisfaction.

Promoting positive reviews across your online platforms and social media channels are vital for showcasing your agency's positive attributes. It not only strengthens your brand image but also works as free advertising, enticing new tenants to associate with your agency.

Robust analysis of reviews can also provide actionable insights into your rental agency's TVO (Tenants' Value-Adding Opportunities). These can be used to further enhance service quality and superiority over competitors in the market.

Harness the Power of Review Generation for your Apartment Rental Agency

Generating reviews shouldn't be left to chance. Instead, it should be a proactive approach and an integral part of your business strategy. Reviews act as social proofs and offer invaluable insights into what tenants love and what can be improved.

One of the simplest methods of review generation is directly requesting tenants to leave their feedback. Satisfied customers are generally open to sharing their positive experiences, which can significantly impact prospective tenants’ decision-making process.

Incentivizing reviews is another effective strategy for review generation. Offering discounts or other benefits in return for honest reviews can motivate tenants to share their experiences, thus resulting in a win-win scenario for both parties.

Online platforms and social media channels also prove beneficial for generating positive reviews and handle negative ones. Tools like Google Alerts and review management software can be wisely utilized to track, gather, and respond to reviews, making reputation management more efficient.

Crafting a Winning Content Strategy

Embrace the power of SEO in your Apartment Rental Agency's digital journey. A successful SEO content strategy involves more than just optimizing your website for search engines. It extends to engaging social media content and other online platforms, which can, in turn, improve your website's overall SEO performance. In this 'SEO Content Strategy: Social, Website, and Beyond' guide, we will walk you through key points for apartment rental businesses to maximize your online presence.

  • Elevate your online visibility by using local SEO strategies, making it easier for potential tenants in your vicinity to find your services.
  • Leverage social media platforms to engage with potential clients, showcasing your properties to entice new customers.
  • Create resourceful content on your website or blog that answers potential questions and interests of your target market, establishing your authority in the rental market.

Mastering Local SEO For Apartment Rental Agencies

Local SEO strategies are an indispensable part of an apartment rental agency's online success. These strategies aim to improve your visibility for people searching for apartment rentals within your area. By optimizing your website for local searches, you can stand above the competition and drive more traffic to your business.

  • Include location-specific keywords in your website's content and meta tags to capture local searches.
  • List your business on Google My Business and regularly update information to improve visibility on local searches.
  • Elevate your online visibility by using local SEO strategies, making it easier for potential tenants in your vicinity to find your services.

Harnessing The Power Of Social Media For Apartment Rentals

Apart from your website, social media platforms offer another opportunity to enhance your apartment rental agency's SEO ranks. Engaging and visually appealing posts can draw more attention to your agency, direct traffic back to your site and improve your search engine relevance.

  • Create and share captivating images and videos of your rental properties across various social media platforms.
  • Engage with your audience through comments, likes, shares, and reposts. This interaction contributes to your overall visibility online.
  • Use social media platforms that sync well with the real estate industry such as Instagram and Pinterest for showcasing your property images.

Harnessing Local SEO for Effective Apartment Rental Marketing

In the competitive world of apartment rental agencies, Local SEO holds immense potential. An effective Local SEO strategy helps business owners to connect with potential renters right when they're most interested. By optimizing your online presence, from your website to your social profiles, you'll be more visible to individuals browsing for apartments in your area.

Local SEO comprises of several crucial factors, including optimizing your website for local search, staying active on social media, and beyond. By fully understanding your audience and market, you can align your online presence to specifically target those actively seeking rental agencies in your locality.

The Power of Social Media in Local SEO for Apartment Rentals

Social media plays a significant role in Local SEO framework for apartment rental agencies. Apartment hunters are increasingly using platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to find potential rentals. Ensuring your agency has a strong social media presence allows you to engage with these potential renters and direct them to your website.

Yet, having a social media account is not enough. Regular updates with high-quality pictures of your apartments, as well as engaging with your audience through comments, shares, and likes can boost your Social SEO. By bridging the gap between your agency and renters through social media, you enhance your chances of conversion.

In addition, make sure to incorporate location-based keywords in your posts and make full use of geotags. This will increase the local visibility of your social media accounts, attracting more local renters.

Maximizing Website SEO within the Rental Market

Your apartment rental website is a potential renter's first port of call. Therefore, it should be optimized for a local audience. Include terms and phrases that people might use when searching for apartments in your area. Make use of Schema Markup to provide search engines with more information about your business and offerings.

Ensure your website is mobile-friendly as many apartment searchers use their smartphones for property hunting. Also, having a blog section with articles on local events, apartment living tips and neighborhood guides can help to rank better in local searches.

Don't forget to leverage on Google My Business listing. An optimized GMB profile with positive reviews, updated information like timings, contact info and photos can provide a mighty local SEO punch.

Local SEO for apartment rental agencies extends beyond websites and social media, including online directories and review sites. Ensure your agency is listed in prominent rental directories and encourage satisfied tenants to leave positive reviews to boost your local SEO presence.

Strategising Website SEO

Maximize your apartment rental agency's online visibility and drive more traffic to your website with our comprehensive SEO guide. In this section, we delve into Website SEO Fundamentals such as On Page Techniques, Technical SEO, Website Audits, and Healthy Website Tips tailored specifically for businesses in the apartment rental agency sector.

  • Mastering On-Page SEO techniques to optimize the web content to improve search engine rankings and earn organic traffic.
  • Leveraging Technical SEO tactics to help search engine spiders crawl and index your website more effectively.
  • Performing regular Website Audits to ensure your website adheres to best SEO practices and maintains high performance and usability.

Unlocking Potential with On-Page SEO Techniques

On-Page SEO techniques are essential for an apartment rental agency's online success. This entails optimizing individual web pages to rank higher and earn relevant traffic in search engines. Here's how you can harness them:

  • Keyword optimization: Identify and incorporate the most relevant and searched-for terms related to apartment rentals in your locale.
  • Meta description optimization: Craft engaging and descriptive meta tags and descriptions for your pages to improve click-through rates from search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Mastering On-Page SEO techniques to optimize the web content to improve search engine rankings and earn organic traffic.

Boosting Performance with Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to the processes and strategies used to optimize a website for the crawling and indexing phase. With the right technical SEO in place, your apartment rental agency's website can take full advantage of search engine algorithms:

  • Site speed optimization: Ensuring your website loads quickly for both desktop and mobile users to improve SERP rankings and enhance user experience.
  • Mobile optimization: Making your website responsive for all devices as mobile-friendliness is a significant SEO ranking factor.
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) deployment: Protecting user data and boosting search engine rankings by securing your website with an SSL certificate.

Harnessing the Power of SEO for Your Apartment Rental Agency

Embracing the fundamentals of SEO is a game-changer for apartment rental agencies. From optimizing your website with relevant content, using the right keywords, to executing technical SEO, you can position your business favorably in organic search results. This translates to increased visibility, more traffic, and potential leads, essential for the growth of your agency.

Carrying out regular website audits is a critical SEO practice for apartment rental agencies. It identifies and resolves potential hindrances to your website’s performance on search engines. By fixing these issues, you improve the health of your site, achieve higher ranking positions, and reach more potential clients looking for rental apartments.

On-Page Techniques for Apartment Rental Agencies

On-page SEO techniques focus on optimizing content within your rental agency's website. Proper tag usage, including title and meta description tags, can improve your website's visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). Use keywords potential tenants may use when looking for rental apartment services, such as 'apartment for rent', 'rental agency', or a specific location.

Fresh, high-quality content is also a critical on-page SEO aspect. Regularly update your property listings with informative descriptions, quality images, and availability status for better ranking. Also, having a blog detailing rental guidelines, location-based content, and attractive apartment features can effectively attract more online visitors.

Lastly, it's essential to optimize your Rental agency's website's loading speed as it affects your position on SERPs. Renters usually have limited time and won't stick around on slow-loading websites. Therefore, ensuring your website loads quickly will lead to a better user experience and a boost in your search engine rankings.

Technical SEO Strategies for Rental Agencies

On the backend, technical SEO plays a crucial role in how efficiently search engine spiders crawl and index your website. Ensuring your rental agency's website has a clean sitemap, mobile-friendly design, and is secure (HTTPS) will fundamentally impact your SEO rankings.

Also, managing your schema markup correctly can enhance your listings in the SERP with rich snippets. Rich snippets provide potential tenants with additional information about your agency, like reviews and rates, straight on the SERPs, leading to a higher click-through rate.

Including internal linking in your SEO strategy can also help search engines understand your website's content. It helps spread link equity through your rental agency's site, a factor search engines consider during ranking. It also improves navigation, potentially increasing dwell time and decreasing bounce rate.

Lastly, SEO is not a one-time event but an ongoing process. An excellent way to track and monitor success is by use of SEO tools, which also help to identify gaps in your strategy or areas of improvement. Some popular SEO tools for apartment rental agencies include Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and SEMrush.

Building Potent Backlinks

In the world of SEO, backlinks play a vital role in establishing online presence and increasing organic traffic. As an apartment rental agency, understanding the importance of backlinks can give you the edge you need to rise above the competition. In this guide, we will explore various forms of backlinks like citations, press releases, guest posts, private blog network (PBNs), and editorials. We'll take a dive into how each can drastically improve your search ranking.

  • Backlinks can establish your online authority and boost your website's SEO ranking.
  • Types of backlinks such as citations, press releases, guest posts, PBNs, and editorials each play unique roles in SEO strategy.
  • A thoughtfully implemented backlink strategy can set your apartment rental agency apart from the competition.

Leveraging Citations and Press Releases for Apartment Rental Agencies

Citations and press releases serve as key backlink opportunities for apartment rental agencies. Citations, which are listings of your business on directories, can boost your local SEO presence. Meanwhile, press releases offer the chance to share news about your agency and generate buzz, while simultaneously accruing valuable backlinks.

  • Citations enhance local SEO by making your business more visible on various online directories.
  • Press releases can be used as a link-building strategy, reaching wider audiences while providing backlinks for your website.
  • Backlinks can establish your online authority and boost your website's SEO ranking.

Boosting SEO with Guest Posts, PBNs, and Editorials

Guest posts, private blog network (PBN) links, and editorials are all viable backlink strategies for apartment rental agencies. Through guest posts, you can reach wider audiences, all while adding valuable backlinks to your site. Similarly, while PBNs require more control over multiple websites, they can be a powerful tool for generating backlinks. Lastly, editorials, where authoritative websites mention your site, can significantly boost your SEO ranking.

  • Guest posts allow you to engage with wider audiences and build quality backlinks from relevant sites.
  • PBNs provide control over backlink generation, enabling you to build links across your managed websites.
  • Editorials offer powerful SEO boosts when authoritative sites link to your website.

Mastering Backlinks for Apartment Rental Agencies: The Ultimate Guide

Strengthening your online presence as an apartment rental agency begins with understanding the power of backlinks. Backlinks - external websites pointing back to yours - are essential in building a robust digital footprint, increasing brand visibility, and driving potential renters to your website. They are seen as 'votes of confidence' by search engines, signifying that your content is valuable and worthy.

Backlinks can come in different forms such as citations, press releases, guest posts, Private Blog Networks (PBNs) and editorials. Each form presents a unique opportunity. Citations allow local prospects to easily find your agency in online directories. Issuing press releases is a way to make company announcements that other sites might pick up, therefore creating backlinks. Guest posts to reputable sites can increase your credibility. PBNs, if used correctly, can generate more links, while links from editorials can establish your industry authority.

How Citations and Press Releases Make Apartment Rental Agencies Stand Out

The power of citations can't be underestimated for apartment rental agencies. They severely boost local SEO rankings. Each citation of your business name, address and phone number in online directories is a step towards the first page of search engine results. The more consistent your citation details are across the web, the higher your local SEO rank tends to be, signalling to potential tenants that you're a trustworthy agency.

Alongside citations, press releases offer another dimension of backlink building. By disseminating news about property availabilities, renovations, or community involvement, you can attract the attention of various news outlets and relevant websites. Not only does this get the word out about your agency, but the subsequent websites linking back to yours strengthens your online authority and visibility, making it easier for potential renters to find you.

Coordinating citations and press releases effectively demands an understanding of your ideal tenants - their behaviours, preferences, and what they value in an apartment rental agency. This approach helps create a tailored backlink strategy that maximizes reach to your target demographic while enhancing your SEO positioning.

Leveraging Guest Posts, PBNs and Editorials for SEO Success

Guest posting is an effective strategy for apartment rental agencies to garner more backlinks. By providing valuable content related to apartment living, moving tips, or neighborhood guides on popular blogs or industry websites, you can draw their audience back to your site. In addition to boosting your organic search rank, guest posts also establish your agency as a go-to resource for apartment seekers.

Consider PBNs (Private Blog Networks) as another tool for creating backlinks. PBNs consist of a network of websites used to build links to a single website for manipulating search engine rankings. While it's a grey hat strategy, if executed correctly, it can generate quick backlinks. However, do assess the risks as search engines might penalize overly-ambitious PBN strategies.

Finally, consider the strength that comes with editorials. When credible media outlets or industry thought leaders mention your agency in their content, it carries a substantial SEO weight. Building relationships with these parties can result in high-quality backlinks that significantly boost your search engine visibility.

While each backlink method might serve a different purpose, together they create a holistic approach to SEO that can significantly elevate your apartment rental agency's online presence. Remember, effective backlinking isn't just about quantity, but the quality and relevance of the links pointing back to your business.

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