Linda Revolutionizes Lead Generation, Sales, and Customer Interactions

Qualify leads and engage customers around the clock.

Harness the Power of True Artificial Intelligence that Navigates Human Experiences, Scales beyond your Staff Capabilities, and Infinitely Increases Leads and Sales

Need a lead generation and sales team? Linda can build your capabilities from scratch. Want to enhance your current team and give them infinite scale potential? Our platform will revolutionize your sales and support processes. If you’d like, Linda can replace a majority of your front office.

Automatic Provisioning

1 Click deploy and 1 Click update your Chatbot(s) directly from the dashboard.

Simple Custom Training

Train your bot on your own data by entering your website sitemap or just cutting and pasting important resource content into the dashboard.

Business Hour Aware

Set your Bot's business hours and she won't initiate human handoffs or conference calls during off hours.

Omnichannel Support

Linda Bot doesn't need to be contained to your website or landing pages. We integrate with your Business Facebook Page, Whatsapp, Twilio (SMS) and more.

AI Appointment Scheduling

Sync any number of Google Calendars and Linda will schedule round robin appointments, filling your calendars on autopilot.

Conference Calls

Linda is equipped with Conference Calling abilities and can turn your customer's natural language conversations into 2 sided conference calls where your customer support or sales team can engage.

Speed to Lead - Never Miss a Lead or Leave a Potential Customer Waiting

Never again let leads fall through the cracks or turn cold from the decay of time - taking too long to follow up and turn them into closed deals. Linda will automatically contact your leads and conversationally schedule appointments or create a phone call with a live agent.

  • Contacting a lead within the first minute increases conversions by almost 400%
  • When contacted within the first five minutes leads 100x more likely to connect and 21x more times to be qualified into an optimal lead
  • If you wait a full day to respond the chance of qualifying the lead is reduced by 6000%

Almost half of your competition is waiting at least a day to respond to leads and over 20% of them never follow up at all. Linda allows you to stand head and shoulders above your competition and automatically book appointments.

Intelligent Calendar Management and Scheduling

No business is exactly alike. This is why Linda can handle the gamut of calendar and scheduling needs without restriction. Linda AI will intelligently dive into your scheduling system and analyze open spots in a first come first serve structure.

  • Multi-calendar scheduling for larger teams - Plug in one calendar or one thousand. The sky's the limit.
  • Intelligent calendar routing - Ensure your appointments are routed to the correct department and calendars
  • Optimized scheduling - Schedule the soonest available blocks of time to keep leads hot and eliminate down time in your company
  • Limitless business automation
  • Knowledge management

Qualify your Leads - Linda Collects all Essential Information to Ensure the Highest Quality Lead Flow

Save your company immense amounts of time and money by qualifying leads before they ever make it onto a phone call or calendar. Linda will extract essential information needed to qualify leads in the most polite, efficient, and conversational manner possible. Every. Single. Time.

  • Customize your qualification attributes to ensure every lead is highly qualified before moving deeper down your customer acquisition funnel.
  • All of your qualification data stored in your dashboard so anyone on the team can stay up to date on qualified leads
  • Conversational AI creates a human experience to create a qualified lead as opposed to filling out forms, clicking prompts, or other robotic intake processes

Seamless Human Hand Off

Not everything can or should be solved with AI. Linda's AI is smart enough to know that and is equipped with the ability to hand the conversation over to human chat agents or generate a conference call to connect your customer support team with the lead via phone.

  • Set your business hours and have your chat agents available in the mobile app or web application and your AI bot can seamlessly hand over conversations when needed.
  • Some users prefer phone calls. Linda makes that easy and generates a 2 sided conference call via natural language.
  • Cut down on front line customer support by having Linda perform initial lead qualification and equip your agents with all of the data they need upon entering the conversation.

Linda Chat & Chatbot blend a powerful omnichannel inbox with a powerful AI agent and can help your business scale to infinity and beyond..

AI Agents Read and Learn your Website and Company Documentation to Deliver Cutting Edge Support with Unparalleled Accuracy

The Power of a Team of Data Scientists at a Click of a Button and without the Budget

AI Guided Experiences Can Make your Support Fully Automated or Bring Human Agents in As Needed.

Seamlessly Create Phone Calls to Keep People Engaged with your Brand and Venturing Down the Path to a Conversion.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Linda works in any industry and you can dynamically build out your chatbot to be tailored to your business.

Check out this guide to learn how to train your own data for your Linda Agent.

Automate your Customer Interaction.

Leverage the latest AI innovations in Customer Support by deploying your Linda Agent today.

Fully Integrated Chat Management

Linda can handle your intake, lead qualification and much more but your team can also jump into conversations directly from the web application (and mobile application) when a user has a custom inquiry or just needs to talk to someone.

Alerts On Hand Off
Get alerted when Linda has a customer ready for your team to jump in.
Omnichannel Support
From web widgets to Facebook Messenger inboxes and beyond... Linda bot goes where your customers are.
Flexible Agent Seats
Linda Chat has a flexible agent seating system, so everyone on your team can hop in.

Flexible Enough for Any Business

No AI experience? No problem.

Linda can be easily trained and customized for your business.

Push to deploy.
Linda makes creating and updating Bots a breeze.
Lock Down Answers.
Linda Bot can be used with Strict settings that only returns an answer if your knoweldge base documents include it.
Human Handoffs.
Your Linda Bot knows when a user needs to talk to a human and can do that in several ways.
Identity Aware
Your Linda Bot will remember users when they return to a conversation.
Flexible Configuration.
Easily train Linda Bot to do as much as you need, or as little as you need and to be as strict or creative as you'd like.
Conversation Logs
Review and export any conversations, and make Linda Bot better when answers miss the mark.

Qualify Your Leads On Autopilot

Whether you're getting 1 visitor or 1 million visitors to your web pages, Linda Bot can qualify leads at scale, on autopilot.

Dynamic Lead Qualifiers
You choose what you want your bot to collect.
Tone Selection
Your bot can be polite, stern, welcoming, rude or whatever is right for your business.
Webhook Integration
Linda Bot automatically summarizes and sends a webhook on every conversation finalization.

10x Your Intake & Customer Support

Deploy a Linda Bot Chat Agent Today.